SellRapido piattaforma eCommerce per dropshipping ad elevate performance

SellRapido's Ecommerce

SellRapido + SellRapido's Ecommerce: the winning couple to sell online!

Why does your Ecommerce deserves top performances?

3 seconds of delay in your Ecommerce can cost you more than 20% of your sales!

Sellrapido's Ecommerce is the best performing website on the market , allowing you to manage more than 200,000 products at the same time without slowing down .

The optimized UX and responsive layout enables a perfect shopping experience , both from smartphones to desktops.

Sellrapido's Ecommerce is adaptable to any product category, with dedicated themes to choose from.

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Beyond the limits of regular Ecommerce solutions :
You can manage on your website more than 200 thousand products
excellent loading times and navigation.
  • The latest graphics and responsive technology.
  • simple and intuitive administration.
  • Fully integrated with SellRapido to list products and post-sales management.
  • Site designed both for B2C (sales to customers) and B2B (to businesses).
  • Access with no extra the B2BHUB catalogs (currently containing 500 thousand products.)
  • Technical and commercial support , with a dedicated person, even with screen sharing sessions and unlimited (ticket, email, phone, Skype)
  • Live chat to quickly respond to customers queries
  • Optimized and fast checkout system
  • Integrates with any payment method
    (bank transfer, cash, credit cards, Payplug, Amazon Pay, etc)
  • Configurable with major price comparison sevices
    (es.: Trovaprezzi, Pagomeno, Bestshopping, Idealo, Kelkoo, etc.)
SellRapido offers you Free business support
from experts in the field to increase your business sales .

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Sell ​​online with Sellrapido Ecommerce means:

  • Grow over time your own brand
  • Increase the credibility of your company, even on different channels
  • Easy order management
  • Not being subject to the sometimes unfair policies of the marketplaces
  • Immediate earning (unlike with the marketplaces that, pouring funds even after 3 weeks from the order, impose a costly and risky financial exposure)
  • Flexibility in trade policies (ex .: price comparators, social, etc.).
  • Higher sales margins (Not having to also pay the 15% or more of commissions to the marketplace)

SellRapido natively integrates with of most couriers’ management software .

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  • Receive a tailored consultation

  • Full access to all features